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Christmas Bible Quiz

Test your knowledge on the story of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Print this quiz and the answers.
This quiz has been taken 9359 times, with an average score of 62.87%

1.) What does Jesus' other name, "Emmanuel", mean?
Son of God
Anointed One
He who is God
God with us
Matthew 1:23
2.) When Joseph first dicovered that Mary was pregnant, he:
Beat her
No longer wished to marry her
Tore his robe
Matthew 1:18-20
3.) Why did Joseph and Mary go to the city of David?
To pay taxes
To visit Joseph's parents
To celebrate their wedding
To seek the prophet Simeon
Luke 2:4-5
4.) In what city was Jesus born?
Luke 2:4-7
5.) Why were Mary and Joseph unable to stay in an inn?
There was no room for them
The innkeeper hated them
They didn't have enough money
All the inns were closed
Luke 2:7
6.) With what did Mary wrap newborn Jesus?
A scarf
A blanket
Joseph's cape
Luke 2:7
7.) After Jesus was born, where did Mary lay Him?
On the ground
She held him
In a pile of hay
In a feeding troth
Luke 2:7
8.) What was the shepherds' initial reaction to the angel who visited them?
They were afraid
They were angry
They were upset
They were excited
Luke 2:9
9.) What did the angel tell the shepherds?
The location of the newborn Savior
To not be afraid
All of this
How to recognize the newborn Savior
Luke 2:10-12
10.) Who visited Joseph, Mary, and Jesus on the night He was born?
Shepherds, wise men, and all those dwelling in Bethlehem
Shepherds and wise men
Wise men
Luke 2:15-16
11.) The wise men traveled ________________ to Jerusalem.
Matthew 2:1
12.) How many wise men brought gifts to Jesus?
The Bible never says
13.) Who diligently asked the wise men about baby Jesus?
King Herod
King Pilate
King David
King Elias
Matthew 2:7
14.) Why did this man (Question 13) want to lean more about Jesus' whereabouts?
He wanted to ask Jesus to be the heir to his throne
He wanted Jesus to heal him
He wanted to worship Jesus
He wanted to kill Jesus
Matthew 2:16
15.) What guided the wise men to find Jesus?
Their dreams
A star
A dove
An angel
Matthew 2:9
16.) What gift did the wise men NOT give Jesus?
Matthew 2:11
17.) What was Jesus' approximate age when the wise men presented Him with gifts?
6 years old
less than 2 years old
10 years old
12 years old
Mattthew 2:16
18.) Why did Jesus' family flee Bethlehem?
They couldn't pay all of their taxes
The king of Jerusalem wanted to kill Him
The Gentiles hated Joseph
God would destroy it
Matthew 2:12-13
19.) To where did Jesus' family flee from Bethlehem?
Matthew 2:12-15
20.) When they returned, where did Jesus and His family dwell?
Matthew 2:23